How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Contractor

Replacing a roof can be costly. This is why some people fall for contractors who offer their services at a low price. Be warned about choosing to go this path. A seemingly great deal may just turn into a very expensive mistake.

How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Contractor

The capacity of a roofing contractor from any roofing companies in Colorado Springs does not solely depend on his suggested quote — no matter how appealing it appears to be.

One slip in choosing the wrong contractor can do a lot more damage to your home than you would expect. Hire the wrong one, and you may be going way beyond your set budget for roof repair or replacement.

Dangers in Hiring the Wrong Contractor

  • If you’re paying cheap, chances are, your contractor won’t be spending much time planning how to go about your roof replacement. Instead, he would be rushing things so he can attend to his next client. The idea behind this is simple: cheaper jobs but more clients is still equal to more profit. The lack of proper research, on your part, means potentially adding significant cost to your roofing project. Moreover, cheap workmanship can lead to aesthetic problems, which defeats the purpose of you having your roof replaced with quality product and workmanship.
  • Shoddy workmanship. Hiring the wrong roofer compromises the quality of work you would want for your roof. If you trust one who doesn’t have enough expertise with roofs, or is cutting corners, you’re not only going to deal with cosmetic issues but also with serious structural damage and other construction defects. In a couple of years, you may need to call another professional to repair the poor job done by the sub-par roofer.
  • Use of lowquality materials. If sub-par materials are used on your roof, expect disappointing and even damaging results. These materials won’t last as long; in just a few years, you could be needing yet another repair or replacement.

How to Spot the Right One

To be certain you are hiring the right company, here are some tips:

  • They must be a licensed roofing contractor. You can’t just trust his words, though. Call your local building department to verify his contractors license.
  • They must carry general liability insurance. This is to ensure that you aren’t liable for any damages or accidents.
  • They must provide a warranty on your roof. If a company has done their work properly, they must be confident that your roof is going to last for the duration before you need another roof repair or replacement.


They must be able to help you navigate your way through the insurance claims process for roofing projects related to storm damage. They should have answers to your insurance questions. This is a good sign that they really are experienced professional contractors.