Massive Wind Storm in Colorado Springs With 100 MPH Gusts

The ferocity of the April 9th wind storm in Colorado Springs left large amounts of damage in its wake. True Nature Roofing received countless calls from property owners scrambling to have roof repairs completed before snowstorms were forecasted to dump snow on exposed roof damage.

Project managers and roofing crews were dispatched immediately and soon came face to face with unique situations that would typically only be found in the wake of a hurricane. Flat roof materials were ripped off in large sections, huge trees fell on houses crushing rafters, sheathing, and breaking through drywall into the living area below.

Wind pushed large tree over and it fell on house roofIt Was Not Uncommon to See Large Trees Uprooted That Fell Onto Houses


Countless roofs had sections of shingles missing. Privacy fences were scattered throughout neighborhoods. One client was terrified to find a branch sticking through the ceiling like a giant spear inside the house.

Limb Speared Through Roof and Ceiling Into HouseTree Limb Punctures Roof and Ceiling


News reports everywhere cited overturned big rigs and the State Patrol issued a restriction against large vehicles driving on I-25. Powerful winds ripped the commercial flat roofing material off the El Paso County Courthouse and other large buildings in the downtown area. All this came only months after the area was hit by the 6th largest hail storm in Colorado history. Brand new roofs that had just been replaced due to hail damage are now exposed with large sections of missing shingles.

Wind Damaged Shingles on Brand New Roof Following Hail StormNew Roof Replaced Due to Hail Damage Now Has Large Sections Of Wind Damage


What is next? Our customers are picking up the debris and coping with the storm damage to the best of their abilities. Many have filed new insurance claims and we have done our best to provide as much assistance as we can with temporary roof repairs before additional damage is caused by leaks from rain and melting snow.

Many projects will be delayed until springtime due to winter weather. In the meantime, True Nature Roofing is sealing off exposed roofs and working with customers to have insurance settlements and administrative paperwork prepared and ready so full repairs can be executed as soon as the weather permits.