Selling a Home? Think About Replacing Your Roof

Selling a home is like a game of making your home look its best without spending a fortune. Here are four reasons you should put a new roof near the top of your home improvement plans, before you list your home.

Ariel view of new asphalt shingle roof replacement

1. Roofing Is Important for Curb Appeal

Walk to the very end of your street, and think about the first aspects of your property that you can see the most clearly. The state of the roof is very obvious, especially if there are missing shingles or it looks old and worn. The trick to curb appeal is to make your home look slightly better than the neighboring houses, without seeming out of place. If your neighbors have all replaced their roofing and you are rocking something from the 1990s, your home will stand out in a not-so-good fashion. It can be easy to spot a new roof from a distance, especially compared to the roofing on the other houses lining the street. That is the look you want.

2. Roofing Repair Isn’t Always Practical

If your goal is to sell your home at a modicum of personal expense, it makes sense for you to look for ways to minimize the amount you have to spend to get your home in selling condition. This means that you might not want to gut the kitchen or add a bathroom unless you really have to. Your roof is a different matter entirely. The roof protects the exterior structure of the home, as well as everything inside the building. You typically have to repair it at the very least before you sell, if only to avoid a bad report on the home inspection. Yet, if your roof is already toward the end of its lifespan, the cost of repairs might approach the cost of a new roof. In that case, you would probably have a bigger increase in resale value by replacing it.

3. A New Roof Gives Your Home a Modern Upgrade

There is a small market for so-called “vintage homes,” but most home buyers are not looking for something that was updated decades ago. You may not think of your home as competing with your neighbors, but prospective buyers will. You might believe that you are set to go with the same asphalt or shake shingle roofing you installed 15 years ago, since it still has a good 10 years left on the warranty. However, if all the homes around you have converted to ceramic tile or metal roofing, yours will appear old and obsolete. With a large amount of square footage, a new roof will provide an instant update to your home that is visible from any distance.

4. Roofing Has a Good Return on Investment

Ultimately, a new roof is an investment. You might spend a significant amount on your roof depending on the materials you choose. It may be difficult to part with this money just as you are preparing to sell, but roofing is a good investment in this case. Buyers will appreciate the fact that they can live in the home for decades without having to do more than maintenance and basic repairs, and they will pay more for that. A new roof will fetch a higher price at the time of the sale, and will help your home sell quicker than it might otherwise.

If you want to compete well when selling a home, a new roof might be a necessity. A new roof could be exactly what you need to settle your curb appeal and ensure a good sale.

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